Alfio Origlio

Pianist and composer Alfio Origlio, known for his creative projects, brings together three talented and inspired artists with “Human Flow”: the young Franco-Ethiopian singer and violinist Fleur Worku, virtuoso guitarist Noé Reine, and drummer Zaza Desiderio, combining power and subtlety.

“Human Flow” illustrates the pooling of the flows of these four exceptional musicians around a reinvented jazz. The repertoire includes original compositions by Alfio Origlio, texts by Fleur Worku, and some reimagined pop songs.

“Human Flow” brings a fresh breeze that, while drawing from the roots of jazz and improvised music, opens up to a pop group sound.

The album “Memories” is currently being recorded and will be released in 2024.

Alfio Origlio: piano, Fender Rhodes
Fleur Worku: vocals and violin
Noé Reine: guitar
Zaza Desiderio: drums